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Funding Policy and Application Guidelines

The Wharfedale Foundation is a Trust that has its roots in the Christian tradition.  We recognise a common practical vision of a better world with those of other faith traditions and none.  We therefore support initiatives that bring people together to gain understanding of other faiths and cultures and to work in partnership to improve the neighbourhoods in which they live. We aim to fund projects that address the divisions in our society by developing greater understanding of social justice and diversity. We provide grants of up to £5,000 (or £10,000 spread over two years). 

We fund projects:

  • that focus on neighbourhoods and communities of interest,
  • wher​e people are developing lasting relationships at a grassroots level,
  • with the potential for positive, longer term change,
  • that are willing to try out new ways of working that others can learn from,
  • promoting the inclusion of people experiencing the most social and economic hardship,
  • that enable people to be agents of change in their own lives and communities,

Selection criteria

Projects applying for funding need to:

  • be located within the Yorkshire and Humberside region,
  • be able to demonstrate longer term financial and project planning, involving multiple streams of funding,
  • demonstrate innovative or creative ways of addressing areas of concern,
  • demonstrate how change and transformation can be achieved in one or more of the following ways:
    • creating greater inclusivity by breaking down barriers of fear based on for example religious, cultural, ethnic or social difference or financial hardship,
    • integrating marginalised groups into mainstream society and promoting a welcoming culture,
    • aiding the integration of marginalised groups through environmental projects,
    • developing greater understanding of these issues through carrying out research.

We will not fund:

  • organisations with an annual income in excess of £250,000.00

  • capital projects,

  • core organisational costs,

  • salaries where there is no indication of how the post will be sustainable in the future,

  • general appeals or projects that do not actively seek to address divisions in society,

  • applications from individuals, although we will consider groups who apply wishing to set up bursary funds to support individuals.

How to apply for funding

If you think you have a project we might consider funding, start by contacting our Project Administrator giving a brief description of it.  If it falls within our criteria, you will be asked to send us a brief (one page) summary of the project and what you hope to achieve.

Once we have assessed your initial application you may be invited to complete a full application and details of how to do this will be sent to you. Part of the full application may involve requesting further information from you or arranging a visit to meet you at your project to talk through your application in more detail.

Closing dates for initial outlines and (if invited) full applications are given below.  Trustees will consider full applications at least quarterly.

If you have questions about the application process, or whether your project may fit our funding criteria please contact us.

Funding emphasis in 2017 

In 2017 we are particularly interested to receive applications for projects that address recent tensions and also, those which work with, and are led by, young adults​.

Key Dates 2017

​​Trustees' Meeting:
Outline received by: Application Deadline:
22 February 2017 09 December 2016 06 January 2017
16 May 2017 03 March 2017 31 March 2017
27 September 2017 14 July 2017 11 August 2017
29 November 2017 15 September 2017 13 October 2017